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13th August 2021 – The Internet is huge – like MEGA HUGE. A lot of information is shared through the Internet every single day. For example, social networking sites are used to connect with friends and spread fake news, blogs are created to share grandma’s delicious chocolate cake recipe and last but not least is Google – Our search engine provider ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆ is used to answer all our questions with a single click!

Today, I want to share my grandma’s secret meat stew recipe – which is known as Daging Rebus Air Asam. Before we continue, I want to add that our website just scored 100 on PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse! Not only that, we also got an A solid from GTMetrix. It does not seem all that impressive, but it means a lot to me.

ʕ ﹷ ᴥ ﹷʔ – Nimu

Without further ado, this is how my grandma prepares her delicious Daging Rebus Air Asam. We need 1 tomato, 5 red chilies, 1 red union, a few pinch of tamarind, 2 table spoon of anchovy sauce, boiled meat and water! First step is to blend the chilies, make union rings and dice the tomato. Next, put all the ingredient into a pot and wait for 1 hour. Finally, ready your rice and plate because it’s time to eat. Scrumptious! ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ

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