A post, for our fans

29th September 2021 – A big Thank You to our friends, supporters, fans, and everyone who love what we do here in CoolnKultured. Managing a sizable server like ours is a big challenge, especially when newcomers arrive, but everyone helped made this server wholesome and wonderful! We’ve been compiling the fanarts for our server admins over the past months and turned it into something breathtaking, as our appreciation to you all. So keep em coming! Psst, we’re also looking into making an appreciation post for Fawa and Hamsktar as well as our mascot Ai. So be on the look out for that!

We are fans of giving credit! Without them, this video wouldn’t be possible! Our biggest regret is that we couldn’t fit in more stuff ʕ ´•̥̥̥ ᴥ•̥̥̥`ʔ

Asyifa Fox, Danielia, Kally, Plastik, Lynn, Tacoowo, Farah Adiba, Fluffy, Onenimate & Mellowished.

Thank you again – Nimu

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