Rikuukarz Terms & Condition

I can draw :





I can't draw :





Extra Info : You also can negotiate on what you want me to draw. I will decide on either I can draw it or not.


If you're interested, please send an e-mail to rikuukarz@gmail.com or DM me via Twitter or Instagram (Check the CONTACT tab),filling the following form :

-> Your name/Username

-> What type of commission (ex. full body with simple BG)

-> Reference (image or detailed explanation, feel free to put any extra details)



-Prices are subject to change based on demand, difficulty and additional requests.

-I have the right to reject any commission for any reasons.

-I'll start the commission once the payment has been made.

-Please work on communication with me if you want your illustration to be as perfect as you imagine.


-Payment can be made through Paypal for International and local bank for Malaysian.

-Payment can be made once both party, the buyer and the seller has agreed upon the order.


-The time taken to finish a commission can be variable, but expect it to finish for around few weeks depending on various factors such as complexity of a piece and personal work/commission I'm working on.

-Once the piece is finished, you will receive full-resolution image/illustration through e-mail. (Note that there is no physical product.)


-You have 3 rounds of changes requests per commission included. Changes can't be made once I have start on colours.

-Major changes will be charged according to the complexity.

-Please take note that revisions are important as to meet my customer satisfaction, so, please don't hesitate on communication with me.


The artist :

-Retain all copyright over the commissioned artwork.

-Will not profit further from commission artwork unless any of the terms are to be break.

-Reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork online (with watermark), in my portfolio as well as in publications such as art book.

The Commissioner :

-Art for Personal Use only

-In case you want to use it for commercial use, DM me for more information.

-You as the client are NOT allowed to sell the commission piece as NFT.

-May NOT alter the commissioned artwork without my (the artist’s) consent.

-May NOT make profits from the commissioned artwork.

-The credits for the art is mine, but in case of OC’s, you own the credits of the design.


-You (the customer) is not allowed a refund once I (the artist) have started working on the commission.

-If for any reason I am unable to start your commission, you will get a full refund.