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Cabaran Komik ke-7

Story Title: Tetap Hidup (Keep on Living)
Illustrated by: Coconut Nyok (assisted by a background artist)
Story by: Coconut Nyok

This 10-page comic was submitted as an entry for a competition held by MatKomik team with “Medic” as its theme.

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Rock Friend

BoBoiBoy is stranded on Planet Polari alone and has no means of communication with the outside. He met with a Giant Golem that offered him hospitality.


Mechabot meets with his previous master, Naut. They hang out at their favourite spot and have small chit chat. 


A short script for a comic about the shenanigans between the BoBoiBoy elementals. Taufan is troubled when he just remembered that he ran out of pandan leaves while he was cooking his “onde-onde”. Duri comes in to help.