Kembara Math

Kembara Math is a game developed and released by RaxBit. While working with their team, I have illustrated 10 pages comic for the game’s intro and outro (line art only), design character standees and a poster for the game’s advertisement purposes. 

Character Standee Design

Poster Design for Kembara Math

Sample comic pages from Kembara Math game intro and outro

Just Run

Just run is a small individual game assignment given by RaxBit as an early task upon joining the team to learn to build your own game using BuildBox. In this project, I have designed game assets which include characters, enemies, platforms and enemies. The game has 3 playable characters and consists of 5 levels with varying difficulties. The game will be available in Google Play Store for downloads.

Character Sprites (idle and running cycle)

Screenshot of Just Run gameplay

Just Run video demo reel

Character design brainstorm and sketch phase

Lost in Dreamland

Lost in Dreamland is a small 3D-game group assignment given by Raxbit to learn to build your own game using BuildBox. In this group assignment, I became the 2D asset designer. I have designed the game user interface which includes title screen, level select, how to play and gameplay interface.

Screenshot of Lost in Dreamland gameplay

Lost in Dreamland video demo reel

Game states sketch design