Hello there!

I am a cartoon illustrator from Kedah known as Coconut Nyok on the social media platform where I provide art content for my audience. Previously, I resided in Cyberjaya for 3 years working as an IT specialist.

I absolutely love comics and cartoons. I find myself to prefer cartoons targeted for younger audiences for how fun, adventurous yet still heart-warming, impactful and good-willed it can be. My inspiration and passion has always been rooted from cartoon shows ever since growing up. After college, I have decided
to become serious and professional in this path and have been working hard on gaining experiences, connecting to wide range of people of the same field and learning about creative itself. I want to one day be able to create and direct my own story that could not only just give great entertainment my audience but also impacts them from the heart.

I have 4+ years of experience as an illustrator and a comic artist and was blessed to experience working in a mobile game app company as a game designer for 6 months. During these years, I’ve submitted comic to MatKomik, joined Inkramadhan event annually, won a Palestine Winter short comic contest and produce comic pages for RaxBit game storytelling.

I’m currently doing freelance and taking up commission work. I would love to find opportunity to continue working in the creative field of expertise. You can reach me at athirahnbn@gmail.com.

Hall of Fanart!